iModerate Ranks Among the Most Innovative Market Research Companies in the World

Annual GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report Recognizes Top Firms Worldwide


Jun 09, 2016

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DENVER – June 9, 2016 – iModerate, a progressive insights agency, has been recognized for the fourth time as one of the most innovative research firms in the world, according to the just released GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report. Each year, GreenBook evaluates more than 700 global firms that are perceived as most innovative by influencers within the market research industry. iModerate is 29th on the 2016 list, now in its seventh year.

“The GRIT Top 50 showcases the innovation and thought leadership coming out of companies like iModerate,” said Leonard Murphy, editor-in-chief of the GreenBook Blog and Research Industry Trends Report. This year’s report showed that, more than ever, these top market research firms are delivering great new and innovative technology in order to give their clients more relevant insights and a competitive edge.

iModerate’s Research Approaches
iModerate helps organizations uncover hidden insights that explain why things are happening and what action to take. While the agency is best known for pioneering the online qualitative one-on-one-one, over the past 18 months iModerate has developed and refined a text analytics approach where its team of qualitative experts utilize the latest software for a methodology that overcomes the hurdles of relying solely on man or machine for analysis.

This new approach, called (iM)merge, has allowed the agency to unearth the relevant story hiding in their clients’ call center data, ratings and reviews, social feeds, open ends and more. It has also allowed iModerate to quickly generate and analyze qualitative feedback at scale.

“The companies we work with are inundated with data,” said Jen Drolet, CEO of iModerate. “In this environment, qualitative insight is vital as it provides the necessary context that allows organizations to make smarter decisions. We are always striving to find new ways to help organizations uncover those hidden insights, and are pleased to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies in our field.”

According to Greenbook, the threshold to be in the top 50 is at an all-time high, a “reflection of the vast number of companies mentioned and the competitiveness now in play for companies vying to be identified with the ‘innovative’ brand attribute.”

About iModerate
iModerate is a progressive insights agency that empowers clients to take decisive, proof-based action that evolves businesses and transforms brands. The company pairs powerful cognitive techniques with the latest research methods to help brands identify nuanced intelligence that revolutionizes their thinking and gives them an edge. In 12 years, iModerate has conducted over 200,000 conversations, analyzed vast amounts of consumer commentary, and helped over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 discover how consumers think about, characterize, experience, and discuss their brand.

iModerate’s online qualitative interviews have been enormously helpful to us during the concept testing phase of research. iModerate provides us with invaluable feedback from a nationally representative group of Americans within a very short time frame. Not only do we get this data quickly, but it is also high quality. iModerate’s moderators are skilled at asking questions that yield useful responses. iModerate reports provide information that’s more than interesting, it’s actionable.

Sara Bamossy, Senior Strategic Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi LA