iModerate Ranks Among the 25 Most Innovative Research Firms in the World

iModerate Ranks Among the 25 Most Innovative Research Firms in the World


Jun 02, 2015

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DENVER — January 14, 2015 — iModerate is one of the top 25 most innovative research firms in the world, according to the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report, released today. The report, in its sixth year, looks at more than 700 global firms that are perceived as most innovative by influencers within the market research industry.

“The GRIT Top 50 measures how market research suppliers are leveraging the brand element of innovation,” said Leonard Murphy, editor-in-chief of the GreenBook Blog and Research Industry Trends Report. “iModerate is in good company among a very competitive list of innovative market research providers.”

“This is the third year iModerate has been ranked in the GRIT Top 50 and the first time we’ve been recognized in the top 25,” said Adam Rossow, iModerate partner. “Innovation is an integral and very deliberate element of iModerate’s approach and continuously informs our solutions, which allow global brands to become consumer-fluent.”

According to Greenbook, there are an unprecedented 23 new companies on the GRIT Top 50 list this year, as upstart firms have made their mark with major consumer brands, and research firms of all stripes embrace innovation as a key differentiator.

iModerate enables clients such as Reliant Energy, Abbott Nutrition and the United Way to know their consumers inside and out, empowering them to make smarter decisions that improve their customer relationships, inform their marketing strategies and guide their new product development.

iModerate’s Research Solutions
iModerate offers an array of services that help organizations get past their data sets, establish customer intimacy and obtain real insights that explain why things are happening and what action to take. The company’s core offerings include:

(iM)pact One-on-ones: The online one-on-one consumer interview, which iModerate pioneered, helps companies engage consumers individually in order to understand purchase drivers, uncover trends, generate consumer-minded innovations, refine messages and concepts and more. All conversations are conducted by a professional in-house moderators and guided by a proprietary cognitive framework called ThoughtPath.

(iM)merge Analytics: This fast, scalable, and consistent approach is used to glean insights from unstructured consumer feedback, whether from existing data streams or new research initiatives. It combines text analytics software with in-house qualitative experts to provide a deep contextual analysis of consumer commentary, such as open-end survey responses, social media posts and customer service feedback.

iM(merse) Longitudinal: A longitudinal approach to provide companies with consistent consumer insights over time, so they can keep a finger on the pulse of key audiences and metrics, allowing them to stay ahead of trends. The subscription-based service leverages hundreds of one-on-one conversations with consumers, as well as interpretive text analytics to inform decision-making.

About iModerate
iModerate is a consumer insights firm that helps clients become fluent in their audiences through a deeper understanding of their motivations, needs and language. Founded in 2004 and based in Denver, Colo., iModerate is known for pioneering and championing the online one-on-one. Guided by a proprietary cognitive framework, ThoughtPath, the firm’s conversations, analytics and longitudinal research gives clients a clear vision, actionable insights and direct return on investment. Follow iModerate experts to hear insights on the blog, Twitter and LinkedIn

iModerate’s online qualitative interviews have been enormously helpful to us during the concept testing phase of research. iModerate provides us with invaluable feedback from a nationally representative group of Americans within a very short time frame. Not only do we get this data quickly, but it is also high quality. iModerate’s moderators are skilled at asking questions that yield useful responses. iModerate reports provide information that’s more than interesting, it’s actionable.

Sara Bamossy, Senior Strategic Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi LA