iModerate® Delivers Informative Presentation on Prevalence of Instant Messaging in Market Research at MRA’s Annual Conference

iModerate® Delivers Informative Presentation on Prevalence of Instant Messaging in Market Research at MRA’s Annual Conference


Jun 19, 2006

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Washington, D.C. (June 19, 2006) – iModerate’s VP of Sales, Gary Zucker, conducted one of the most successful break out sessions at the MRA’s Annual Conference as part of the Online/IMRO track, drawing over 50 visitors. The presentation focused on the innovative use of IM in online market research and how the employment of similar strategies are becoming increasingly essential in obtaining detailed qualitative research that delivers more information than ever possible in basic quantitative surveys.

Instant messaging has become the fastest growing form of communication making the leap from a purely social “chat” tool to a medium that enables companies to conduct business on a whole new plane. Zucker’s presentation highlighted many qualities of IM which make it useful to market researchers such as its ability to be inserted into virtually any online survey in order to obtain both quantitative and qualitative results simultaneously. He exhorted market researchers to take advantage of IM’s growing popularity as a social meeting place, and utilize its unique one-on-one environment to acquire valuable thoughts and ideas from respondents.

With over 600 people in attendance comprised of both research companies and end clients, the MRA’s Annual Conference was the perfect arena to voice the upcoming possibilities of IM in market research and its worldwide potential for development. Adopted by some of the largest companies and networks on the web (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google), instant messaging has successfully made the jump into the market research industry where it is certain to make a marked impact.

About iModerate Research Technologies
iModerate was founded in 2005 by market research professionals Joel Benenson and Carl Rossow, and is located in Denver, Colorado. The methodology and progressive software are a result of years of research and development by industry veterans’ including analytical experts and field operations specialists. iModerate is a proud member of the Marketing Research Association, American Marketing Association and AAPOR.

Our relationship with iModerate has enabled us to quickly and efficiently seek the voice of the consumer or customer, and incorporate it into our business decisions, allowing us to become smarter and faster to market. The team iModerate is, in essence, a virtual extension of the Abbott research team – from them, I know that when I pick up the phone and call, on the other end will be someone who understands my business, knows my target consumer, and will always deliver high quality results.

Kristen McLane, Manager, Shopper Insights & Category Development, Abbott Nutrition