Catalist & iModerate Team Up to Launch Voter Insider

Catalist & iModerate Team Up to Launch Voter Insider

iModerate Author

Feb 16, 2012

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Washington, DC (February 16, 2012) – Catalist, a data services company serving the progressive community, and iModerate Research Technologies, a leading online research firm, today announced the launch of Voter Insider. Voter Insider is an online solution for political, advocacy and civic engagement research that solves a longstanding problem in this arena – the inability to ensure that online research respondents are who they claim to be. Respondents frequently misrepresent their voting history and behaviors. This poses a tremendous challenge for researchers trying to connect with their target audience. Moreover, it can lead to inaccurate studies. Voter Insider solves this issue by matching Catalist’s proprietary database of voter information to respondent profiles from three of the largest providers of online research respondents in the U.S. This offering blends this proprietary method of respondent validation with online research services and expertise from iModerate.

Voter Insider is unique in that it provides access to 5 million verified respondents. To that end, it gives pollsters and other researchers the ability to select a target audience that closely represents the voting population based on their documented vote history and modeling scores. Getting the right respondents to the research is only part of the solution. Voter Insider incorporates the latest in online research tools and techniques from iModerate and affiliated partners. These include: quantitative surveys, one-on-one qualitative conversations, dial testing, heat mapping, as well as accompanying project management and ancillary services.

“The ability to conduct comprehensive political research online with your verified target audience represents a significant opportunity for researchers,” said Harold Ickes, Catalist’s President. “Accuracy, insight and speed are paramount in the political arena. To be able to provide a solution that offers all three is exciting for us and our partners.”

Voter Insider can be used to obtain data as well as capture the voice of the customer. The solution can be used for anything from ad tests to message tests and is available in three packages: a hybrid (qual-quant) package for ad testing, a qualitative package, and a custom package in which an ala carte menu of research options is available. When applicable, the quantitative component centers around an online survey while the qualitative component revolves around iModerate’s proprietary one-on-one conversations. These distinct conversationsallow iModerate’s professional moderators to have a one-on-one dialogue with respondents, in real-time, to uncover beneath-the-surface reasoning and motivations.

To learn more about Voter Insider, please visit voterinsider.com

About Catalist
Catalist is a data services company based in Washington, DC, serving the progressive community. It maintains and constantly updates a complete national database of over 265 million persons in the U.S. representing 358 TB of data and provides a high volume matching service operating at over 1 billion matches per month. Catalist brings easy to use web based tools and a high quality voter database of all voting-age individuals in the United States to progressive, not-for-profit organizations, advocacy groups and campaigns. www.catalist.us

About iModerate Research Technologies
iModerate Research Technologies is a leading qualitative market research firm with a distinct approach to uncovering the most meaningful insights. Based in Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004, iModerate is known for pioneering and championing the online one-on-one. With over 100,000 conversations to our credit, and an in-depth knowledge of how consumers think and behave, we have helped countless organizations obtain the insights that matter most to them. For more information, please visit www.imoderate.com

iModerate Author

iModerate’s online qualitative interviews have been enormously helpful to us during the concept testing phase of research. iModerate provides us with invaluable feedback from a nationally representative group of Americans within a very short time frame. Not only do we get this data quickly, but it is also high quality. iModerate’s moderators are skilled at asking questions that yield useful responses. iModerate reports provide information that’s more than interesting, it’s actionable.

Sara Bamossy, Senior Strategic Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi LA