Sports Authority

To improve customer experience, Sports Authority wanted a deeper understanding of the sporting good shopper’s changing needs.

The Problem

On the heels of a number of initiatives to improve the customer experience, Sports Authority wanted to dig deeper into the needs and behaviors of the typical sporting goods shopper in order to target and service them with greater success. Additionally, the company sought to understand the factors driving attrition so that they could effectively regain those consumers’ patronage.

The Solution

Sports Authority was already involved in a lengthy brand tracker and cluster analysis to figure out consumer segments and answer other lingering questions around need and brand value. However, these approaches lacked the context and depth necessary to understand the deeper motivations and desires of the sporting goods shopper. To get beyond the data and truly understand the needs of this audience, iModerate and Sports Authority settled on multi-study approach consisting of one-on-one conversations between iModerate’s professional moderators, and sporting goods consumers.

The Results

Uncovering the needs of the sporting goods consumer gave Sports Authority the confidence to continue the path they were heading down. Consumer feedback around how these consumers wanted to use the website as a resource, and for those who had left the brand, what they needed from Sports Authority in order to be won back, have shaped new tactics to improve awareness, enhance content and re-engage customers. As a result of the studies, Sports Authority has made changes to both their website and social properties to reflect what their customers specifically asked for in the conversations.