Our QualTracker webinar, your questions

Our QualTracker webinar, your questions

iModerate Author

Jun 26, 2014

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This week our own David Howlett hosted a Quirks webinar entitled, Tell Them Something They Don’t Know! Achieving Foresight Through Scaleable Insight. Through various examples, David introduced attendees to iModerate’s new QualTracker solution and discussed the holes it fills in the marketplace and how it puts research back in a position to provide foresight, uncover trends and lead the way.   There were over 40 insightful questions asked at the end of the event, so not only did we want to share the recording of the webinar with you, but answer those questions which we didn’t get to during the event.


Questions and Answers from the Event

Q: Why can’t I use my own preferred moderator to do a QualTracker?

A: You can, just not in the traditional way you might be thinking. Having your preferred moderator act as a consultant to our team is absolutely encouraged, and we’ve had many clients do just that. Our in-house moderators are experts in ThoughtPath and at navigating the online one-on-one, but your moderator’s input – from guide development to report – is more than welcome.

Q: Do the interviews go beyond straight Q&A, and incorporate other qualitative techniques and methods…e.g., projective techniques?  How much flexibility is there in terms of content for the 20% of the guide?­

A: The conversations go well beyond Q&A. This is no scripted or automated chat that produces surface answers. Our professional moderators are experts in consumers and utilize ThoughtPath, our proprietary framework based on three cognitive theories, to ask the most relevant questions in the right sequence. To learn more about ThoughPath, check out the whitepaper. In terms of flexibility, the world is your oyster. This is your space to talk with consumers about anything from a burning business issue to what their favorite meal is and why.

Q: When you say “longitudinal” do you mean that you interview the same respondents month after month?

A: We mean ­talking to the same audience, not necessarily the same people (think: parents of toddlers), over the course of a year or more.

­Q: Is this for US only or are there global capabilities?­

A: QualTrackers can be done globally.

Q: Is the client able to listen in/view interviews live if desired?

A: Absolutely. We have a virtual backroom where stakeholders can view the conversations and chat with their qualitative team.

Q: One potential concern is with the large n sizes. This could turn into just reading a  quant survey over the phone versus a true qual study.  How do you safeguard against this?­

A: Even though we are dealing in larger base sizes over time, say for example 1800 conversations a year, all 1,800 are still individual, one-on-one discussions between a moderator and respondent. It’s true qualitative, just with the added benefit of text analytics to add some metrics to the story.

Q: Are respondents overall pretty trusting of the platform and the intimate nature of it?­

A: More than any other platform we have seen, yes. Studies have been done on the level of candor in an IM conversation, and it’s off the charts. The same rings true for our environment. Anonymity, no group dynamic, digital divide, etc… It all makes for an extremely safe and comfortable place for consumers to share their thoughts.

Q: What is the typical length of time of the conversation? ­

A: Anywhere from 30-60 minutes

Q: Are the 100 monthly qual interviews moving forward per market segment?  Thank you.­

A: First thing, it can be more than 100. But to answer your question, that 100 or so base would be per group that you want to analyze individually

Q: What’s a good example of this in action?

A: The work we have done on Consumer Confidence provides a nice example of how qual over time can add significant context. Check out the report.

iModerate Author

iModerate’s research process and knowledgeable personnel assist us in gaining an in-depth understanding of the research topic at hand. We have been impressed with the quality of reporting and insights generated by the iModerate team.

Jessica Kettler, Manager of Online Research, John Deere