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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

iModerate Author

Oct 17, 2011

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Who doesn’t like getting together with friends and family and watching
football? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy a little personal victory on the side?

Fantasy sports have set a new record in 2011 with over 32 million participants. That’s one in every five males who plays in North America! Ladies, your participation accounts for about 20% of all players which is a 56.1% increase from 2008! Yes, it seems fantasy football is invading our lives at an alarming rate.

There are some great behavioural studies done on fantasy sports if you want to know more. But what I really want to understand is how we inform our decisions – is it numbers or gut?  Personally I like to read the sports pages for insight. I don’t use projected stats and stick with consistent players I know and like. I use numbers to see what a player produces each week, but I focus on matchups, game scenarios and health. So being the curious type, I wonder how other players make those tough choices… particularly the others in my league. 

My question to all you sports nuts, pigskin pickers, gurus, rank slaves, trash-talkers, stat jockeys, gut checkers, pink hats, keepers, survivors and grid iron geeks is how do you make your weekly decisions? How do you click that “submit changes” button and sleep at night? Is it because you crunched all the numbers? Or did you just feel that one team or player would shine that week? How do you account for those immeasurable aspects of the game like momentum, morale and heart? Did you remember to check the weather?(You’re welcome)

So who are you? A sheer stats person? Someone who puts more emphasis on past experiences and trust? Or the one who takes everything into account? What are you taking into account as you spend an average of 50 minutes a week staring at your lineup?

iModerate Author

The results we received from the iModerate one-on-one, in-depth conversations were much more enlightening than what we typically garner from open-ended verbatim responses. The live moderator offers us the ability and flexibility to probe deeper on certain points, enabling us to get stronger, less vague information. That unique capability has proved extremely valuable to us, and has made this IM-based platform an integral part of our research toolbox.

Colleen Hepner, VP, C&R Research