Retailers, Consumers & the Power of the Emotional Connection

Retailers, Consumers & the Power of the Emotional Connection

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Sep 12, 2011

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With another month in the rear view mirror, retailers are beginning the push for the 2011 holiday season. Those retailers should take note of a study recently released by Motista

The findings reveal that only 18 percent of consumers have an emotional connection to their retailers. Moreover, only 24 percent of consumers said they would make their next relevant purchase with the retailers they frequent today. The findings also shed light on the different ways in which men and women interact and connect with retailers.

But what stood out to me most was this tidbit… “Consumers who feel emotional connections to their retailers are four times more likely to shop those retailers first when relevant needs arise, as compared to consumers who are simply familiar and satisfied with their retailers.” The study goes on to offer a few overarching ways that retailers can build that connection, including simplifying the consumer’s life, helping the consumer live life the way they want to live it, and giving the consumer a sense of accomplishment by shopping with them.

All this had me itching to go a level deeper… Being that emotional connections are paramount, how specifically can retailers drive this connection? What are some examples?

Eager to get a bit more granular, I asked my colleagues and friends to tell me what has driven them to have an emotional connection to a retailer. Here are some of the thoughts and anecdotes that bubbled up…

1) Sun Flower Market – “I am emotionally connected to them because I trust that every day they are thinking about making the right decision for their people, environment and customers.”

2) Apple – “Their customer service is the best. I know that if something is broken on my next purchase that they will replace it at the store with few questions asked (assuming it’s the first time I brought it in). It shows they trust me.”

3) Radio Shack – “I remember when my dad would walk in their store and as one associate helped him, another sales associate would show me the newest remote control car and let me play with it.”

4) REI – “It is clear they care about their workers. I love reading the stories about the employees on the wall. They are real people, with a passion for what they are doing. It makes me trust the brand more.”

5) Target – “The color, their branding and their stores sparks something in me. It makes me feel happy and taken care of.”

How have retailers developed an emotional connection with you? I’d love to hear some more examples.

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